Radio Echo Communications

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Radio Echo Communications was created by Ray Higgins (W2RE) and Robert Higgins (KC2UPN) to server the commercial and amateur community. We have many years of experience building and maintaining world-class stations operating as Hudson Valley Tower and RemoteHamRadio.

Operating under a new name (Radio Echo Communications) you will get the same great service. Let us handle building your new station or maintain your existing one. Antenna and tower construction can be complicated, let us handle the difficult part and you worry about operating. Why risk you health and investment when we are here to help.

If your looking for a turn-key remote solution, please contact us at

Who are W2RE and KC2UPN?


Ray W2RE in Maine

Ray Higgins (W2RE) is the co-founder of Hudson Valley Towers Inc and, he knows the business.

Ray is an active contester with many accomplishments in the SOA category. Ray has won ARRLDX SSB and CQWW SOA/HP, he also competed in the 2014 WRTC championship. His personal station(s) which are located in New York and Maine, consists of multiple towers including stacked monobanders on 6-40m and 4SQ arrays on 80 and 160. Ray knows towers and antennas, he has been experimenting for many years to find the best combination to make his own stations click.

You can catch Ray operating from that rare DXCC or from the many remote sites he operates daily.


Bobby KC2UPN building a GXP 16EL Tribander

Robert was introduced to Amateur radio at a young age while working for Hudson Valley Towers Inc from 2008-2012. He moved onto as operating engineer in the field. He has learned quite a bit of knowledge while working for two respected companies in the amateur radio service.

The great photos you see here of the Radio Echo team in action were taken by Robert.

New antennas at Pete W2LL

GXP 16EL tribander ready!

We can build turnkey remote stations. We know what it takes to make it happen! All the stations you see here on this site is built by Radio Echo Communications or Hudson Valley Towers both co-owned by Ray W2RE.

We have done it all! Bobby and I have built some amazing stations the past decade for customers and Not only can we do a turnkey from excavating to big antennas, we can guide you through the process on how to remote it with automation. We have an amazing program at RHR – called Youth Program

We take pride in our work! We treat your station if its our own!

We have even built stations outside the USA! Here is HH2AA in Haiti that is on SOLAR POWER: