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Ray drinking with Jeff Briggs VY2ZM in Prince Edward Canada.


In 1988 Ray became a ham radio operator (KB2FHL) novice! A short time later his girlfriend and now his wife Lori (KB2HZI) joined him. Ham Radio has been a part of his life for 30+/yrs. Ray is currently 55 and retired with a union pension but still working for himself with his communication businesses. 

Ray has been married to his wife Lori since 1991, they have 3 children. All three attended college or finished, Ray Jr. 28. Bobby (KC2UPN) 26 and the youngest Kelly 24. Yes!I it is a busy home!. Ray’s wife (Lori) is a nurse in Westchester Co NY and an awesome spouse, she even climbs towers and builds antennas!!. Ray retired/resigned (2013) after being employed by Pepsi for 28+ years, He was the Chief Shop Steward (teamsters local 445, 812) of a 100+ man shop for over 20/yrs, acting as steward (lawyer) it was a very valuable teaching moment in his life even though it was a thankless job in his own words, it taught him the values he has today dealing with people and business.

My truck prior to my retirement.


In 1996, Ray received the call W2RE  (Vanity). He built a winning station in Blueberry, NY, which is his main residence today. He has won many DX SSB contests USA entering SOA from this station while it was active between 1996-2008. Now its dedicated primarily for Remoting. At this location is two towers on a 1300′ ridge in the Hudson Valley.

In 2010, He bought and built his dream vacation/contest home in the northern catskill mountains (NNY), about 2/hrs north (100 miles) of his

primary residence. Perfect qth on a hill top @ 2100ft ASL with 20+ acres with a 360 degree drop off in all directions!  Sitting at 2100ft ASL with total privacy and a very low noise floor makes this station a pleasure to operate DX and participate in contesting. Today, Ray is still at awe every time he visits the location which these days are not very often with his busy schedule. After spending, (his life savings), and winning a few radio contests between 2010-2014, this station and investment is now on a remote service called RemoteHamRadio.com.


Currently, Ray is the CEO of Hudson Valley Towers Inc and COO of http://RemoteHamRadio.com Ray is co-partners with Lee Imber WW2DX in both these ventures, Rockwell Shrock WW1X is the CTO and a partner in RemoteHamRadio venture. Both Lee and Rock are very talented individuals and Ray is truly blessed to be in business with them. To the contrary, RHR does not have investors, all the infrastructure of RHR was funded by blood, sweat and tears from the HVT business between 2008-2013 and reinvestment from RHR between 2012 – current. The RHR team goal is a commitment to reinvest in the RHR business by securing the best possible land to build and maintain sites throughout the USA, which as of today consist of 60+ radio towers and over 300 antennas. They will continue the success of HVT and RHR by expanding throughout innovation. Stay tuned! 🙂


In 2015, the RHR team purchased a 60+ acre farm house on the Atlantic Ocean in the most northeast corner in Eastport, Maine (USA). After the completion of the station build which is long term, the RHR team feels confident and maybe a little cocky that this will be the contest station that all others measure station performance in the USA. Please visit the Eastport page for more details: http://www.w2re.com/eastport-2/

In the Summer of 2017 Ray started Radio Echo Communications https://www.radioechocomm.com/ with his son Bobby KC2UPN. Please visit the RadioEcho page for more details. They are open for business!

In 2019 Ray purchased 22.5 in Jonesport, ME. Ray built a world class station at this location. Please check the Jonesport page for information. http://w2re.com/jonesport

In late 2019 Ray purchased an additional 31/ac in Summit. This is the high point on the ridge at 2150′ asl behind the house. Learn more about Summit: http://w2re.com/summit

Thanks for reading Ray’s Bio!

Family Picture December 2017


Lori KB2HZI and Ray W2RE, Its ham thing!


Ray in World Gym 2019 Pawling, NY
Its imperative Ray stays in shape to continue building towers!
Baby Ella – My first Grandchild! Photo Dec 2020
Some of the locations we own with homes that make it easy to maintain while on the road. No hotels required!

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  1. what a cracking Bio Ray very insperational, the setups are amazing, and love the videos and the live streams it does’nt take you long to start a pile up, so maybe next time you live stream it could be under contest conditions i could watch that all day haha, i think what your doing with youtube and facebook is great, bringing ham radio to the masses and who knows it mite come full circle and more people take up ham radio especially the young ones, i started off in CB like most people back in the 80’s then went out the hobby due to growing up and having family, got back into it as M3WUN a few years back, then just has i was starting to enjoy it we had financal uncertanty like most and sold my radio setup, so starting all over again, and studing for my intermidiate licence, anyway Ray thanks for reading this a bit long winded i no, hope your company goes from strength to stength,you should set a website up to sell all the old antennas and other surplas stuff you take down, take care Ray from Ian Mcmahon M3WUN Liverpool uk

  2. Ray my name Kevin Colbert KD9MNB new to the hobby
    Interested in acquiring a Mosley Beam antenna to increase DX communication
    I currently have a ZeroFive 43 FT vertical antenna
    ICOM 7300
    Palstar LA-1K amp
    PALSTAR AT2K antenna tuner
    Do you install antannas in the Midwest ?

  3. Wow what a station, great clips of your setup. Just listening to you on 20m but its very busy trying to get.All the best G0FJJ

  4. Ray i here you in de eastside of de Netherlands on 20 meter 14.120 Mhz .
    Radio 5 and 10 tv 0ver 9

    God bless you.

    Jan Wentink in de city Groenlo jo21

  5. Hi, there. Awesome story. I live in Lubec and have heard bits and pieces about your setup, but I didn’t know about the Lubec location. I would love to go by and take a look if that is ever a possibility. Please let me know. You can get my email address on my QRZ page.
    Phil KF1O

  6. Hello. I am Roger Larkin, Mapleton, Utah (KB7JD). I was given your contact info by Jozef, F8DRE. I understand that you are the representative of Waldek SP7GPX antennas. Can you send me emailed sales sheets on these antennas? I am primarily interested in the 18 element, 6 band antenna, but others I am curious about. Please SEND SPECIFICATIONS with this emailing. I need this to complete a comparison survey with a number of US & 1 UK companies. Thank you so much. Hoping to hear from you soon. 73’s.
    Roger Larkin

  7. Hi, today 20.9.2020 at around 14:13 local time (08:13 AM at your place) I heard a broadcast from the other side of the Earth for the first time on the frequency 14217 kHz.
    According to the captured session, It was your broadcast.
    My place is in Liberec, Czech Republic, locator JO70MS.
    Receiver AOR AR-7030, antenna hand-made loop (MLA) made of coaxial cable, diameter about 80 cm (32 inches), range 5 to 17 MHz .
    Your signal was strong and clean, with slight fading.
    I can send you a short record by e-mail if you are interested.

    Robert, listener number OK1-36046

  8. Hi, I just made a short CW QSO with you on 14001.85MHz, 559/559. My antenna is a self invented s- magnetic loop “ON4APZ” with 80cm diameter on the ground floor, It has an unique property: There is no need to re-tune when changing the frequency within the band.
    You can find its description on our website.(Dutch) photo’s & measurements.
    Guido ON4APZ

  9. Hallo Bobby,
    59+ in der Nähe von Bielefeld, vielen Dank für das nette QSO auf 3792khz.

    Vy 73 und bleib gesund
    Achim DO1YAR

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