W1/Eastport, Maine (Remote)

Stacks in Eastport.

Arguably, this could be the best QTH in the USA sitting on the most Northeast corner in the USA on the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Fundy. It all started in 2015 when the RHR team purchased the property on a hunch that this QTH would ROCK! Oh boy, has it lived up to our expectations and much more. It will take many years to develop this to be the best in the USA but were already making a splash in remote contesting. On the DX side, its just complete dominance on the low bands. 

Lori KB2HZI in front of the Eastport sign. “Easternmost City in the USA”.

Ray W2RE @ 126′ installing 3EL 40M antenna.

Before and after the remodel of the 100/yr old farm house.

Brand new home!

Random photos of the 63/ac paradise QTH on the Bay of Fundy!

6M stacks – first station USA into EUROPE each season

160M 180′ Rohn 25′ tower for support of 4/SQ
Bay of Fundy. Only 1000′ away as the crow flies!
80M 4SQ – within 1000′ osf saltwater
GXP stacks on rotating tower with 10×10 building at the base hosting the gear. No COAX loss