Please QSL via LOTW (Preferred) or QSL Manager EB7DX

In the fall of 2019 we built a new station in Jonesport, ME on 22.5/ac blueberry fields. This will be a remote contest station and available for daily use to RHR members. Below is two Youtube video’s of this awesome ocean front location “MUST WATCH”. We think this QTH is going to play pretty well. Learn more by viewing our start to current status album. View Here:

Typically a station of this magnitude would take years to build but we had a very strong team building it. We went from nothing to 5 towers and 28 antennas in less than 6/wks working 12-14/hrs a day. The plan is to keep expanding with additional towers + RX antennas in 2020. We have strategically placed our buildings under or near the towers which makes expanding easy in the future. The RHR team (WW1X, WW2DX) was instrumential in getting all the switches, networking, software up and running very quickily. My son Bobby KC2UPN and I spent the majority of the time getting everything ready and prepared for the team for crane day! It was a lot of fun making this happen so quickly!

Update: Ray just purchased an additional 31/ac at his Summit, NY QTH. . – Another MEGA-station in the works!

4EL 40M Homebrew on 60′ boom!
GXP Antennas with ocean view!
GXP stacks on rotating 180′ tower. Learn more about GXP:
Unloading 20′ Cargo container
20′ Cargo Container
80M Wire-beam @ 140′ strung between two towers

Station #1 180’ R55 Tower
4/4 40M 60’ boom @ 180/105 Bottom EU
7el 10m @ 190’ + 7/7/7 @ 90/60/30 EU
Flex 6600 – Solid state amp

Station #2 170’ R45 Tower
5/5/5 20M @ 175/123/71 bottom two EU
160M 4/SQ
Flex 6600 – Solid state amp

Station #3 180’ Rotating R55 Tower
GXP 4EL 40M on 40’ boom @ 175
GXP stack (4) 16L Tribanders 160/125/90/55

140’ Rohn 45 Tower (Station #3)
GXP 12/17/30 @ 140’
GXP 7EL 6M @ 150’
5EL 80M Wire beam @140’ on 120’ boom between 180 and 140 tower. 
Flex 6500 + Exert 1.3 Amp

Station #4 Rohn 55 130’
6/6/6 15m @ 135/90/45 bottom two EU
80M 4SQ
Flex 6600 – Solid state amp