Ray W2RE is not only a talented contester and station builder, but he is also a gifted communicator. He has taken his passion for amateur radio to the next level by creating top-quality YouTube videos and Facebook Live streams that showcase his experiences and knowledge.

Ray’s videos and live streams are world-renowned, with thousands of views and followers from all over the globe. His viewers are captivated by his contagious enthusiasm, in-depth technical explanations, and amazing photography. Ray’s videos cover everything from building antennas and stations, to operating from rare DXCC entities, to sharing his contesting strategies and techniques.

Whether you are a seasoned ham radio operator or just starting out, Ray’s videos and live streams are a must-watch. He has an incredible ability to make complex technical concepts easy to understand and relatable. His photography is also a big part of his success, with stunning images of his station, equipment, and the beautiful locations he operates from.

Ray’s videos and live streams have been shared in presentations and club meetings around the world. His contributions to the amateur radio community are invaluable, and he continues to inspire and educate new generations of hams with his passion for the hobby.