Summit, New York

Where it all started!

In 2010 Ray found a beautiful parcel of land on a secluded mountaintop in the Catskill Mountains. In a short span from 2010-2014 This station won many radio contests. However, in 2013 it became the flagship station on the RHR network. Ray still operates this station but its remote access only. He no longer operates physically at the station. The only time he visits the location is to do maintenance or get the wood burning stove fired up to drink a few cold ones.

My Friend Pat makes a surpise visit by landing his chopper in the yard!


Winter wonderland!


Beautiful Fall Colors

Summit, NY RHR Video:

Update: In December 2019 Ray has purchased 31/ac that borders his existing land.. He now owns all of the mountain! Stay tuned as he expands this station in 2020/21.

Existing land with red border – yelow border is the very top of ridge (2170)’ asl. The new addition will add 5/db to this very strong station!
The plan is to optimize the top of the mountain with two – RUN towers + 80/160M 4/SQ’s
Top of the mountain

Summit Home in the mountains (Total seclusion)