Ray W2RE has been on a number of Dxpeditions over the years!


Over the past few years since Ray retired from Pepsi-Cola has opened opportunities for him to travel and operate from some rare DXCC entities. He has been to FJ (St. Barts) twice with Pat, Lee and Lori. In 2018 he is going back to CY9C and there is talk with the group activating Sable Is in 2019 time frame. You can catch Ray primarily on SSB and CW. 

Some of Ray’s activations since 2013

TF/W2RE, VP2EZZ, J8/WW2DX,S9TM, FJ/N2IEN, FJ/W2RE, OY6A, CY9C, HH2/W2RE, KP4/W2RE, 4O/W2RE, KH6/W2RE, HH2AA, VY2/W2RE and more….


              Photos of some places Ray has been over the years!

Ray W2RE @ S9TM in Sao Tome Africa. Ray made some friends with the local childeren.

The team operating at J8/WW2DX

FJ/N2IEN on some sight seeing! L. to R. Lori KB2HZI, Ray W2RE, Lee WW2DX, Pat N2IEN

St. Barts 2020
WW1X and WW2DX