It all started in 2012 while Lee and I experimented with remote access to the Summit contest station. The first time we got it to work it was magical! Wow!

At the same time as we were playing with the remote technology, we were running a very successful tower company called (Hudson Valley Towers). While operating HVT we noticed a trend. Many of our customer’s request was for a simple vertical or a wire antenna in the attic. It was apparent this whole HOA thing was keeping amateurs off the air, even with a wire in the attic your not going to work much. We asked these customers would you use a remote station? Their answer was an astounding “YES”.

RHR Team. L. to R. Lee WW2DX, Bobby KC2UPN, Ray W2RE, Rockwell WW1X.

After we successfully had the remote system working well in Summit a lightbulb went off in our heads!. Can we make this a business? Well, we didn’t want to invest any resources unless we knew. We hired the two best attorneys in the amateur field. One is a well know tower lawyer and the other is a retired FCC attorney. We asked for an opinion letter after presenting them with our request. It took 3-4 months of anxiously waiting for an answer. Whoa! They gave us the green light! Now what? How de will do this? Well, like anything else we do, it has to be done right!. This was around late summer 2012 when we started. Let’s fast forward five years,  RHR has now expanded from three stations in 2012 to twenty-two in 2018. You don’t do that unless you have a talented team! Photo:

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