In 2012, Lee and I stumbled upon something truly magical while experimenting with remote access to the Summit contest station. We were blown away by the possibilities and knew we had stumbled upon something big. As we delved deeper into this technology, we continued to run our successful tower company, Hudson Valley Towers, where we noticed a concerning trend. Many of our customers were unable to put up proper antennas due to pesky HOA restrictions. We saw firsthand how this was keeping amateurs off the air, which was disheartening. But when we proposed the idea of a remote station, their response was overwhelming – a resounding “YES!” And so, RHR was born – a company that would change the game for ham radio operators across the globe.

RHR Team. L. to R. Lee WW2DX, Bobby KC2UPN, Ray W2RE, Rockwell WW1X. After successfully getting the remote system to work in Summit, we realized we might have a business idea on our hands. But before we invested any resources, we wanted to make sure it was a viable option. So, we went all in and hired the two best attorneys in the amateur field – one being a well-known tower lawyer, and the other a retired FCC attorney. After presenting them with our request, we anxiously waited for 3-4 months for an opinion letter. Finally, we received the green light! We were ecstatic and eager to get started. But we knew we had to do it right, just like anything else we do. That was late summer 2012, and fast forward to 2022, RHR has expanded from three stations to thirty on production and another twelve for the youth program. It’s an impressive feat, and we couldn’t have done it without our talented team. Check out the photo to see us in action!

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