Our newest QTH in Maine! On a 100′ tower facing NE over the Bay of Fundy/Atlantic Ocean. 100′ tower with GXP 7B-7L and 6M7, ¬†located within 300m of the water with 63ac of land.

Eastportair eastport2

East image1

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OY6A (Faroe Island) Dxpedition

The team made over 3,000 Qsos in a few days operating Holiday style! Pictures taken by Olavur OY1OF.

oy6a1L to R. Rockwell WW1X, Ray W2RE, Pat N2IEN and Lee WW2DX

W2RE Climbs 100′ tower to add a OCF dipole for our operation:


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Ray Higgins (W2RE) Drone video “Summit, NY”

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W2RE on tower in Summit, NY


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Eastport, ME

The first tower base of many is in the ground at our new Contest/DX location on the Ocean in Maine! Farmhouse on the water with 63ac.


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Maine here we come!

We just purchased 60+ acres on the Ocean in Maine. Google Earth Shot:


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Private Pilot License

Its time to get my Private Pilot License. In the photo is my first lesson on a 2006 Cessna 172 SkyHawk. Why a plane? With Eleven sites we own and maintain in the NE for RHR, I need to travel faster.


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W2RE Ready to climb in 25F on the Bay of Fundy in Maine!!!

raybeltPhoto taken on 3/28/15 in Calais, ME on the Bay of Fundy


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FJ DXpedition to St. Barthelemy

The FJ team made over 7000 Q’s holiday style from 2/11 – 2/17. Please QSL to NR6M for FJ Cards. FJ/W2RE made 3100 Q’s. We plan to be QRV from same location in 2016. Thanks for all the Q’s.

The FJ St. Barthelemy Team! L to R. Ray FJ/2RE, Lori FJ/KB2HZI, Lee FJ/WW2DX, FJ/N2IEN

The FJ St. Barthelemy Team! L to R. Ray FJ/W2RE, Lori FJ/KB2HZI, Lee FJ/WW2DX, Pat FJ/N2IEN

This may be a first in Ham Radio? W2RE works ATNO while a participant on the DXpedition. Watch this video to learn how it was done.

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Summit, NY

This location sits a top a mountain in the northern Catskill mountains of NY. Its 2100ft ASL and has drop off in all directions. We have won many contests from this location since its inception (build) 2010. We have people around the globe operate this remote station daily. Cheers, Ray W2RE


Click Here to Check out the ARRL Short Take Review in May 2013 QST!

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