Participants at the Shack @ W2RE


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  1. hi ray m3uhj hi from philip got u omn ft 817 i was on 5w only loft ant from my home qth Clevelys nr blackpool happy new year from philip m3 uhj dats on

  2. Hi Ray,
    enjoyed the contact with you from our Catamaran off the West Panama Coast using OE3NKA remote to work IT9/W2RE and you sitting in New York (must be a first),
    as you said, technology is certainly moving at an incredible pace.
    Question: I am using the W4MQ software to work remote, can I access your IT9 setup? If it is permanent, it would be great, judging by the calls you get you guys putting out a good a great signal from IT9.
    BTW, we (xyl & me) have been sailing on our catamaran for the past 6 years in the Caribbean, home town is Cape Town,
    best 73 and gd luck,
    Werner ZS1AKW/mm

  3. Great job! Nice website!

    Keep up the good work and God Bless!

    73 Don D68GA / K6ZO

    I am the founder and CEO of Westside Park Fellowship. We will be partnering with in Uganda as we teach children at the orphanage about amateur radio and careers. Our mission includes creating an amateur radio population in Uganda and other developing nations. I am launching my website for Westside Park Fellowship in 2015 and am moving to Africa in 2017.

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