5 thoughts on “Birds Eye

  1. hi thhere mm6pdx here i tried to work you qrp on sat23/4/11 but unfortunately i couldnt work you your report her4e in southwest scotland was 59 plus 20 audio 100 percent your whole set up is ( awesome) hi hi and your website makes great reading hopefully i will come across you again on the bands and maybe get to work you MM6pdx wishing you all the very best from scotland 73s and wish you lots of dx…Alan

  2. Ray,
    Nice set up and website. Hope to make it back home and come up with my dad (wb2kld) for a visit and hopefully a chance to operate. Is it Ok if i use some of your pics for a contesting presentation here in VK2.
    Also would like to know how hard is it/how costly to set up a remote station?? talk my dad into it and the benefits of him and I setting up remote so he can operate VK2 while sitting in Middleburgh. and I can operate W2 from here in Oz.

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