17 thoughts on “The Start

  1. Hi Ray,great website and thanks for taking us on the wonderful journey.Your station is a credit to you and Lori.Excellent job and everyone’s dream.Keep up the good work and we’ll meet again.Good luck with the next three masts.73s for now.

  2. Wonderful setup I am out of words……………….
    thx for the nice contact on 40 meters hope to see you on 15 ,20 and 10 meters also

    Happy new year
    73 de Rickus ZS4A

    • Hi Rickus,
      Thank you for the kind words. I enjoyed the qso with you and Johan and hope to see you again in 2011.
      73, Ray W2RE

    • Hi and thanks for the QSO, I was somewhat surprised when you called me at 21,300 mhz after I had posted my greeting at w2re.com guest book.
      After looking at your web page I must say I am impressed by the masts and antennas which have at their disposal. An incredibly good signal at my house.
      Hope to see you again

      73s de Rune, LA6YIA

  3. Would you do a dx session for QRP stations? I have a full size G5RV and 10 Watts! I have heard you at 35+db!!!!


  4. No wonder you had the strong 59+ yesterday at 6.20 your time, working europe on 14.185! You sounded like my local 2m repeater with no qsb at all. I did not try a call as I did not expect to be heard in the pileup with my FT-817 and dipole just 4m above ground, from my cabin located on a island outside Kristiansund, Norway. Lost you when you qsy 15m.
    Fantastic antenna system you got there! I have troubles keeping even small wire-ants in the air due to the wind and iceing on this side. Best 73s and good dx!!

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