Radio Echo Communications Inc

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Radio Echo Communications was created by Ray Higgins (W2RE) and Robert Higgins (KC2UPN) to serve the commercial and amateur community. We have many years of experience building and maintaining world-class stations operating as Hudson Valley Tower and RemoteHamRadio.

Operating under a new name (Radio Echo Communications) you will get the same great service. Let us handle building your new station or maintain your existing one. Antenna and tower construction can be complicated, let us handle the difficult part and you worry about operating. Why risk your health and investment when we are here to help. Fully insured!

If your looking for a turn-key remote solution, please contact us at

Ray W2RE                                                               Bobby KC2UPN


The first tower project under Radio Echo Communications. This is how we roll! 

We do big stuff!


In the Summer of 2017, the RHR team built a magnificent station on the Ocean in Maine across the bay from our flagship Eastport Station. This station was built for David KA2HTV and is operational on the RHR Network. Here is a Photo Album Start to Finish: W1/Lubec Photo’s