On 20M we have 4/4 stack of Force 12 EF420’s 4EL yagis @ 94/56ft. On separate tower we have a Hygain 205BA @ 97ft

205BA ready for lift

Getting close


Lori KB2HZI getting 20M for tramline

Tramming 20M

Installing bottom 20M

20M stack done

2 thoughts on “20M

  1. Hear your signal 16.march.11 at 2000UTC with 59 on back of my moxon, 59plus15 pointing to you!
    Congratulations to ufb station!!!

  2. Was listening for a while to you, yesterday evening. Heard you switching several times as well and saw significant changes on my display of my K2.
    Several times, your signal was 9+40db while receiving you on a Fritzel GPA-30 multiband vertical.

    Robert – PD7RB

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