2010 CQWW CW

Call: W2RE Operator(s): W2RE, WW2DX, AB3CX Station: W2RE Class: M/S HP QTH: FN22 Operating Time (hrs): 48 Summary: Band QSOs Zones Countries ------------------------------ 160: 149 19 80 80: 586 23 103 40: 1379 39 139 20: 1202 37 137 15: 869 32 129 10: 65 20 65 ------------------------------ Total: 4250 170 653 Total Score = 10,163,227 Club: Frankford Radio Club Comments: I am not sure if I will ever see these types of conditions again in my lifetime. I truly hope I am wrong. Since the M/S during SSCW was so much fun we figured we would give it a whirl in CQWWCW. I have to say the one thing I really like about M/S is you can get in nap's! We had a few bugs early on in the test Friday evening into Saturday when the 3 ele 40 had intermittent high SWR then we had the 80m vertical go dead only to find the barrel connector had some corrosion and luckily that was an easy fix. Running on the 80m dipole @ 100' seemed to do just fine in the meantime. Also, being at 2100 ASL in the Catskills has its challenges, for the duration of the test we had gusts to 50mph and blizzard snow! It's not fun leaving a nice warm shack heated with 8877's to head out into pitch black night and dealing with mother nature. We had a couple hours before the test to rig the shack from a S/O to a M/S and basically we ran on the 1000mp and chased mults on the K3. Other then the antenna bumps all the equipment worked flawlessly. Friday's start was not the greatest for us, the first hour was not great at all, we just had a really hard time getting situated and finding our comfort zone, I think our first hour was less then 60 q's. Soon after that we settled in and the rate quickly jumped. At the first 24 hour mark we were 10 q's short of 2400 q's so we were very happy with a 100/hr average for the first 24. Some neat memories: 1. 1:30pm on Friday, Ray finished up a 800' beverage so we decided to play around, we almost could not believe it when we heard HB9LCW S2 on 3507 at 1:30pm, then we head to 160 and hear EU at 2pm! At the time we figured it was the best beverage in the world not knowing that these incredible low band conditions have already started. 2. Running on 160, well you all know 160 was just unreal. It sounded more like 20m then anything, I mean 4L0A S9? TA3 S9? !! We decided to run and we did! I think we got about 60 q's in about 45 minutes. 3. JA's REAL LOUD, Saturday morning Mike had a couple JA's call while he was running EU, he decided to swing to JA and it was just endless! This happened again Sunday late afternoon, lots of nice AS mults. 4. 10m, 10 was not "open" in the sense 1 watt works the world but there was a lot of great DX at the noise floor and being up in the mountains there is NO QRN, sometimes you think how did I work that guy and how did he hear me! Stuff from ST2, ZL8 to G6 in log! Very cool! Our high hopes goal was 4K q's and 6m points, and when we reached the 6m mark with 12 hours to go we realized that the far fetched 4K q goal was well in reach! Still can't believe the great scores we see coming in. Lots of records being broken, something tells me these will stick around for a while. Congrats to the KC1XX team and K1LZ team, FB! As others have mentioned, DX stations not IDing for minutes is not cool. Also crowd control does not exist when fresh meat shows up on the map. I really love it when I hear M/M stations calling over and over and over and over even while the DX is sending his report to the current station is just plain LIDish. Some stats: DL makes up 14% of the total q's - Wow Best 30min was 208q's Best 60min was 199q's Best 120min was 177 q's We worked 1048 q's in grid square JO - Is that possible? CW just rules. Thanks to W2RE for inviting myself and Mike up to operate his newly built QTH. Things can only improve from this point forward. There are still 3 more tower bases to be poured on the initial building permit. I guess once those are in he goes and gets another building permit ;) Thanks to Lori KB2HZI for keeping us well fed over the weekend! Thanks to Mike AB3CX for his mad CW skilz! Really a great op and a really cool guy to operate with. If you want to check out some pics and info of the station check it out here: http://www.W2RE.com 73 see you guys in the next one! Lee - WW2DX