2010 SS CW

ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW

Call: W2RE
Operator(s): W2RE, WW2DX, AB3CX
Station: W2RE

Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

Band  QSOs
80:  414
40:  600
20:  269
15:   25
Total: 1308  Sections = 80  Total Score = 209,280

Club: Hudson Valley Contesters & DXers


I have to hand it Ray (W2RE) he really built a very competitive station in less
then 2 weeks. 3 x 100′ towers with stacks. Looking at the results from CQWWSSB
and how we did this weekend it looks like its a winner. I look forward to
seeing the score in CQWWCW in a couple weeks with better antennas on the low

This was our first real M effort on SS and from this location we had no idea
what to expect. We learned A LOT in a little bit of time and most of all we had
a BLAST! We all can do without Sunday’s tho. ZZZzzzzz

Periodically we checked the reverse beacon network all I can say is that this
station seems to really be playing! Spring will bring much bigger designs on
the low bands and we look forward to being competitive there.

M/S was decided on pretty close to the start of the contest. AB3CX and WW2DX
were able to make it so we decided to make it happen. Figuring out how to do
M/S in a SO2R station efficiently required some very fast thinking and
tweaking. We ended up using one of the main 1000MP’s for the run radio and use
a K3 for the mult rig. 79 of the 80 sections called us and we only had to chase
NT on 15m (thanks).

All in all, the new station and QTH seems to be playing very well. We had a 80m
dipole @100′ between 2 towers and used the 3 ele 40m Yagi with great success.
The 80m dipole we think was too high, 6/7 landers were 30 over and 1/2/3’s very
weak, oops!

The new QTH is in NNY and this was also a new experience. Looking over last
years score’s we set a goal of 200K and chasing after K2NNY who we knew were
going to be a very big challenge. I think a lot of guys got tripped up with the
NNY as we were asked to confirm the sec quite often. Looks like we won’t know
who won NNY until log checking so congrats to K2NNY for a very FB effort, its
was fun chasing you guys.

I would also like to comment on Mike AB3CX, Mike has been putting in nice
scores from his home QTH in Cooperstown, NY with very modest station. We now
know how he was doing it, what a GREAT CW op!
There will always be a seat available here for Mike until he gets his new 30
acres on a hilltop on the air! So we will try our best to keep him off the air
there to be on the air here 🙂

We would also like to thank Lori, KB2HZI (W2RE’s XYL) and Daughter Kelly for
keeping us well fed!

As always thanks to Ray for letting us play radio at a great new QTH!

73, see you guys in CQWWCW!



                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: W2RE
Operator(s): W2RE
Station: W2RE

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 44
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   27     7       14
   80:  164    17       64
   40:  649    25       87
   20: 1252    35      110
   15: 1374    30      103
   10:   68     9       22
Total: 3534   125      400  Total Score = 5,306,200

Club: Frankford Radio Club


New things:
New Qth in (Summit, NY) NNY section
First time ever going Unassisted!

How did I get to this point? In May of this year I closed on the Vac/Dx/Contest
qth in Summit, NY (Schoharie Co) NNY section.
I started the process of getting permits for proposed 6 towers. Major set back
as the town had a tower law? Yes! It was implemented for Cell Co. Meanwhile,
the building inspector allowed me to pour the foundation and guy anchors for 3
towers before I received final permission. They did have a law up to 30ft with
out permit. Ok! Great, at least I get get the foundation work done before.
The process to get the 6 tower proposal took a bit longer than expected,as I
finally received the permission on October 7th!
So, I went from nothing in the air on Oct 7th to (3) 100ft towers and stacks
within a few weekend days from the primary help from my wife Lori KB2HZI.
Here is pictures of the new contest qth on a 2100ft hill in Summit, NY!
drop off in all directions, Photos from top of the tower.


I knew that I was handicapped on 80 and 160 from the start. No real antenna on
either of these bands as I threw dipole up on 80M and a 160L with 2 elevated
radials a day before the contest. No beverages as of yet! I do have room to run
1000ft Bev's in all directions. Also, have 100ft Pine trees on the the far end
of property to do some a 160 4SQ array later.

So, with the low bands being a disadvatage, I just decided I was to have fun
and see how this qth is going to compete! I decided to do SO unassisted due the
fact that the Internet is poor and unreliable at the moment.

What I noticed about the new qth compared to my qth in Poughquag, NY is that
its much more quiter, no noise at all! What a pleasure not dealing with the
annoying birdies and line noise.

I did get a lot of praise from Eu about my 15M signal, and received a email
from 3W1M that I was the only signal beside K1KI that was heard from East Coast
USA on 15M.
Basically, I am extremely happy to go from nothing on Oct 7th to having a blast
in CQWW! Yes! SS from here in NNY should be fun next weekend too!

I still live in Poughqug, NY as the primary residence, however I only live 105
miles from Summit and can get there in two hours. 

The Summit Qth is 40 miles SW of Albany, NY in the northern Catskills. Summit
is the highest point in Schoharie County which is 45 miles south of Cooperstown
(Baseball Hall of Fame).

Thanks for the Q's

Ray W2RE